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photo by Mitsuyuki Nakajima

Catch the emptiness 1    


Materials: Urushi, gold, earth powder, rice cake powder, Japanese paper and more

necklace by Mio Heki_edited_edited.jpg
hifumi by Mio Heki.jpg
Red butterfly by Mio Heki.jpg

​mimicry coloration 2 擬態色  2019-2018

​mimicry coloration 1 擬態色  2017

​Performing arts

Urushi pole by MioHeki.jpg

Lacquered Pole for Pole dancer



Materials :Urushi, Raden, Japanese paper, pigment, iron pipe


Head dress , costume and stage art

BOMBSHELL - bombástica-

 A piece specially created by Marcelo Evelin/Demolition Incorporada for the Japanese artist Atsushi Heki

Creation and choreography : Marcelo Evelin  

Performance and choreogrphy : Atsushi Heki 

Costume and Head dress: Mio Heki

Stage art : Mio Hek


Head dress 



Materials : egg, copper, Urushi, silk

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