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Head dress , costume and stage art

BOMBSHELL - bombástica-

 A piece specially created by Marcelo Evelin/Demolition Incorporada for the Japanese artist Atsushi Heki

Creation and choreography : Marcelo Evelin  

Performance and choreogrphy : Atsushi Heki 

Costume and Head dress: Mio Heki

Stage art : Mio Heki

>>2017 FORUM KYOTO,Kyoto Japan

>>2018 Institut français du Japon Kansai,Kyoto Japan

>>2018 YCC Yokohama Japan

Carmem Miranda and Onnagata (male actor in female roles)


We are dreaming that the woman we have created is a blend of

all of humanity in one. Distance, history, time: none of it matters anymore when all becomes one.


'bombástica' means BOMBSHELL.
she will be called be given this name by the world, because she will become a sensation, because she will become a star.


Where roads and people cross, a fusion brings all back to one.
The 'scramble' crossing is overflowing, with streams of people coming and going.


This piece is a new creation by Marcelo Evelin & Atsushi heki, for the sake of bringing about new world.

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