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Kintsugi workshop in Hong Kong, February 24 or 25, 2024

by Mio Heki

Special lecture on repairing ceramic cup handles

Kintsugi workshop by Mio Heki, a lacquer craft artist and kintsugi artist based in Kyoto, Japan. Kintsugi is one of the traditional Japanese techniques for repairing pottery, which is glued and repaired using natural resin lacquer and decorated with gold powder maki-e. Broken and disjointed vessels are restored to their original shape using natural glue, and cracks and scratches are beautifully decorated with gold.

Even if a favorite vessel is broken, it can be repaired and reborn by your own hands. Let's mend your treasured vessels using lacquer, the sap of the poison ivy tree, and decorate them with gold, silver, or colored urushi lacquer.

This workshop will start with mending broken ceramic handles by kintsugi. Reinforcing the foundation is important for repairing a thin, delicate, and heavily loaded part like a ceramic handle. In this workshop, practical instruction will focus on the first step of kintsugi, the gluing process, and especially on the approach for reinforcement on ceramics.

kintsugi workshop
kintsugi workshop by mio heki in Hong Kong


February 24 or 25, 2024

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10:30am-6:00pm (12:30-2:30pm break)

_In the morning session, you will first learn about basic lacquer, learn about the history of kintsugi, and demonstrate basic repair steps

In the afternoon session, participants will be challenged with the basic reinforcement and gluing process on ceramics with broken handles.

*Lectures will be given in English.

Applications for the workshop can be made at the gallery where the workshop will be held. Please check the links page.

*Open call for applications opened today(11th January), and 2/3 of the seats have already been filled, with 2 seats remaining for Saturday the 24th and 6 seats remaining for Sunday the 25th, so those interested are advised to register as soon as possible.





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