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Mio Heki / 日置美緒    漆芸家、修復師、ジュエリーアーティスト




 She restores national treasury buildings and important cultural properties in Japan.

In 2016, she established ‘urushi atelier hifumi’ in Kyoto, where she does a variety of work with Urushi ( a Japanese lacquer from Urushi tree sap). Works such as restoring lacquer ware Kintsugi (repairing broken ceramics and pottery with uriushi), repairing or restoring antiques, making custom ordered lacquer ware, creating jewellery, and holding workshops.

 Through these workshops (Urushi and Kintsugi) , she would like to introduce people to Urushi - as a material which was inherited from ancient Japan – and show how interesting Urushi lacquer and the Japanese lacquer technique can be.

 She thinks that Urushi (the gift from Mother Nature) is a very attractive and important material, as it holds the traditional way of life and history of Japan.

She also respects the wisdom of the ancestors. Traditions and art, both ancient and modern are her interests.

 In the performing arts field, she makes accessories, ornaments, special ordered tools and also apparatus for dancers and works to co -produce artworks with fellow artists.

 What is Urushi?

​ Urushi is the milky-white sap drawn from the Urushi tree. It has been used in Japan for over 5.000 years.Red Urushi lacquer wares, such as combs, baskets or clay wares were found in ruins in Japan. Urushi trees can be found all over Asia and each country has their own traditional techniques using Urushi and its products.

<Education and Working experience>

2010 Kyoto City University of Arts, Kyoto, Japan (Major: arts and crafts, japanning-decoration art)

2010 Sawanodougen Ltd, Kyoto, Japan(restorer; japaning, painting)

2016 Atelier hifumi/Mio Heki

<Repaired temples, shrines and things>




談山神社tanzanjinjya-nara,龍泉寺ryusenji-nara,北観音山飾りkitakannonyama,for gion festival-kyoto,

and more...

<Exhibition/Ornament/stage arts>

2010 「Tenohira Cafe」exhibition at 堺町画廊, Kyot Japan

2011 「Tenohira Cafe」exhibition at Monoff, Kyoto Japan

2013 「SMALL ART FOR BIG NATURE 」exhibition at Halo Galo, Kyoto  Japan,

                organized by Walderedo De Oliveira

2016    「Tools for Kintsugi」exhibition at Hae, Maastricht Netherlands

2017 「Bird of Paradise」at アトリエ劇研・ Kyoto Japan

2017 「Into Materials」Jewellery exhibition at JCE, Amsterdam Netherlands

2017 「BOMBSHELL-bombástica-」 at FORUM KYOTO, Kyoto Japan

2018 「BOMBSHELL-bombástica-」 at Institut français du Japon – Kansai, Kyoto Japan

2018    「Atsushi Heki solo dance」 at YCC, Yokohama Japan

2018    「Bird of Paradise」at Atelier Mekaru-base, Naha Japan

2019    「MONO JAPAN」 exhibition in Amsterdam Netherlands

2020    「Savoir-faire des Takumi」at Ateliers de Paris, Paris France

              「Savoir-faire des Takumi」at Collect, London UK

              「Savoir-faire des Takumi」 at NIHOMBASHI Takashimaya S.C. Main Building 6th Floor Art Gallery, Tokyo Japan


2016 Urushi workshop at Urushi Atelier hifumi ,Kyoto ,Japan

2016 4days Kintsugi workshop at Hae in Maastricht organized by Production Koroencyo and Mami Izumi

2016 Kintsugi workshop < 4days > in Amsterdam ,organaized by Japan Cultural Exchange

2017 Kintsugi workshop in Madrid ,organized by A lejandro Martín Calvo

2017 Kintsugi workshop at Atelier Tsukumogami in Paris

2018 Kintsugi workshop at ABM in Paris

2018 Kintsugi workshop at JCE in Amsterdam

2018 Urushi workshop at Kiji in Ovezand

2019 Kintsugi workshop at Atelier Terres des Batignolles in Paris

​2020 Japanese traditional Lacquer technique Maki-e 5 days workshop in Paris


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