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 日文 hifumi は、太陽からの手紙を意味します。










 日文 Hihumi means letters from the Sun.

Urushi lacquer the sap of the tree,

Japanese paper, drawing brushes,

Cray powder and thread...

The motifs, we get inspiration from insects and all of nature,

Also creators like us and you, who wear our jewellery.

All of us have warm memories of the Sun.

May all the things connect each other

And make a new thread of precious memories.

We make this wish in our creations.


 Urushi decoration by Mio Heki the Urushi artist.

The works with Japanese traditional way of Urushi lacquer work,

Are delicately made by hands in a small studio in Kyoto.

Her jewellery is formed from silver, great green turban shells or stones.

They are decorated next with Makie (drawing with urushi and gold powder),

Egg shells, mother of pearl, gold leaf, and thin layers of different shades of Urushi lacquer.

She makes her jewellery with a unique combination of traditional techniques.

All of her works finish with details and become that of brilliance.


 Beautiful materials, tools and crafters

That have been developed in Japan from ancient times.

She would like to continue this tradition as long as possible.


 The soft and warm texture of Japanese Urushi ware’s surface,

The subtle sparkle of the layer of the colour and the gold thread

日文Hifumi are the gentle glitter jewellery, which brings out the beauty from natural materials.


 What is Urushi?

​ Urushi is the milky-white sap drawn from the Urushi tree. It has been used in Japan for over 5.000 years.Red Urushi lacquer wares, such as combs, baskets or clay wares were found in ruins in Japan. Urushi trees can be found all over Asia and each country has their own traditional techniques using Urushi and its products.



Mio Heki /日置美緒 

Silver smith,Designer/彫金・デザイン

​Fumie Hasegawa /長谷川郁惠

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